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Welcome, I am delighted to share with you the first of our monthly conversations with the Spirit known as Zac, these conversations are affectionately known as ‘Zac Chats’… new chats will regularly appear in the Portal for Evolutionary Wisdom to assist you in understanding your ongoing spiritual growth and development!
Who is Zac? If you are new to channelling or to Janet, we have an introductory interview with Janet Treloar  who describes the fascinating journey she has been on and how she became a channel, primarily for Zac.
Also, Janet, Zac and I recently appeared on an exclusive Multidimensional Love Summit with Ariella Indigo earlier in 2019. Do watch or listen in to the interview of all 3 of us!

Then you can also find a fascinating in depth exclusive bonus audio recording which was made at the end of our interview in the Multidimensional Love, Global Summit;  Zac had more wisdom on this topic and shares deeper insights into the potentials for us to enter higher dimensions with our ability to engage in sacred sexuality. Also great support for those who are currently single in these extraordinary ascension times.
I trust you will be fascinated and truly enjoy the wisdom contained within this Portal!
Love and Joy filled Blessings

We are delighted to be hosting our friend Hazel Newton on Neya
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I wish to freely offer all of the recordings in the portal for you to enjoy and benefit from. In addition, in accordance with the Universal principles of balance I am also open to receiving an exchange as and when that impulse is present.
In Love and Gratitude

Read the PDF Transcript of the bonus Zac recording, which is your free bonus recording from the Multidimensional Love summit

Introducing Janet Treloar and how she started channeling..

Hazel Newton, Janet Treloar and Zac, interviewed at the Multidimensional Love Summit

Zac Chat with Hazel Newton ~ Self Love