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Neya Supports Spirit Fest

Neya Supports Spirit Fest << Breaking News >>

We are delighted to be supporting Spirit Fest UK – the amazing conscious music, dance and art festival – 15th to 18th August 2019.

Spirit Fest Summer Gathering is a conscious festival for all ages with Sacred Music, Dance and Art from all traditions. The essence of the gathering is to explore the traditional methods of connecting with Spirit and Mother Earth as individuals and as a family, through the traditional shamanic, tantric and yogic techniques and methods.

Spirit Fest is committed to sustainable and harmonious living as One on planet earth. We practice this by becoming better at improving and preserving respectful relationships with nature, plants, animals and people.

This year the summer gathering is returning to The Clophill Centre in Bedfordshire on 15-18 August. The music, dance and art is both indigenous to the UK and from world sacred traditions. There are also a wide range of workshops and ceremonies as well as activities for children and youth, sweat lodges, amazing veggie and raw food, therapies and massage, stalls and circles.

Musicians include Kakatsitsi Master Drummers from Ghana, Mbilou, Bwiti shaman, Adrian Freedman, Mobius Loop, Dragonsfly, Susie Ro, Murray Kyle, River Roots, Olivia van Dort, Omer Makessa, Algy Behrens, Jivan, Ruth Blake, Olivia Fern, James Frost, Ravi, Shunya Bell, Martyn Phillips.

The festival is free from drugs and alcohol and everyone is welcome to come and share the love.


If you enter promo code SFNS at the top of the ticket window you’ll receive a £15 discount on each full price ticket you purchase.

Full Price Tickets from 1st. June @ £150 plus fee.
Youth, 13-18, Tickets are £40 plus fee.
0-12 years go FREE, but please register your children.
Parking for vans, trucks and caravans is £15 plus fee. Cars are free.
GLAMPING. See the booking form for options.