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Why Do We Behave, Think And Feel, As We Do?

Why do we feel the way we do? Why do we react in certain ways? Why do we think differently to others? There is a simple equation which controls our paradigms and our interactions >> part of our online self development course >> Back to Your Roots

Energy Routine and Life Map by Neya

We will be presenting Sonya’s Energy Routine and Life Map by Neya at the Taster Day in Bristol on 16th November. Here’s why we are excited to be involved in this event: For more details and to book your tickets, please visit the event’s Facebook Page

Taster Day With Bristol Spiritual Collective

Taster Day with Bristol Spiritual Collective We are delighted to announce that we will be co-hosting a taster day in association with our friends, Bristol Spiritual Collective, on  Saturday 16th November from 10am in St Michaels Memorial Hall, BS2. Come and experience an innovative, holistic treat in the heart of Bristol. Through the day you’ll […]

10 Uses of Coconut

Sonya describes 10 uses of coconut, from coconut oil pulling to remove oral bacteria and whiten your teeth, to coconut flour for cooking. Coconut is a healthy and very flexible natural product. Let us know any other uses you have for coconut. Coconut Flour Coconut Oil Oil Pulling (bacteria) Oil Pulling (whitening) Moisturiser Lubricant Wound […]

What To Do At A Life Crossroads

We often wonder what to do at a life crossroads. It might be we are at a crossroads in a relationship, in our career or in life more generally. Back to Your Roots, introducing Life Map by Neya, is a step by step online course, designed to help you clarify what’s going on and begin […]

How Neil Defines Mindful Living

In this 10 minute Neya Podcast, Neil shares how he thinks about and defines the phrase Mindful Living. This is a little different compared to many of the popular approaches to mindfulness and personal development. It’s different because it doesn’t rely simply on positive thinking, setting intentions and motivational self-talk. Neil’s definition of Mindful Living […]

Spirit Fest 2019

Spirit Fest 2019 ~ Vibration is Energy Sonya and I have just returned from Spirit Fest 2019. We spent the weekend supporting the festival with live streams and photos shared through social media. With numerous, world class musicians from a variety of genres, dance, yoga and therapy workshops, there was never a dull moment. Spirit […]