Spirit Fest 2019 by Neya

Spirit Fest 2019

Spirit Fest 2019 ~ Vibration is Energy

Sonya and I have just returned from Spirit Fest 2019. We spent the weekend supporting the festival with live streams and photos shared through social media. With numerous, world class musicians from a variety of genres, dance, yoga and therapy workshops, there was never a dull moment.

Spirit Fest 2019 was held in the magical Clophill Centre in rural Bedfordshire. With woodland camping, sprawling fields and a permaculture garden, it was an idyllic setting for what is becoming the UK’s premier conscious festival.

Conscious is a word that means different things to different people. From the ayahuasca medicine community to the mindfulness and self-actualised, the word conscious has a common thread; awareness.

Awareness, or as I define it, mindfulness, allows anyone who accepts the opportunity and their infinite personal potential, to open up new worlds and experiences that can excite and stimulate as much as they relax and balance.

This was exactly what we felt as the festival evolved around and within us. 

We noticed a vibration, an energy, especially from the sacred music, which came from all four corners of the planet. As the vibrations drew people together, made them dance, made them sing and made them feel, it was evident that Spirit Fest is so much more than a typical festival gathering, in a field, in the middle of England.

The music creates vibration, literally. This vibration is an energy that can fuel and energise us all. We continue to hum the songs we heard and tap the beats we felt and in many ways, we still have Spirit Fest inside us.

So the next time you wish to reconnect with and re-live a wondrous moment that contained music you loved.. sing that song, tap that rhythm and feel the original vibration. Take the vibe with you.

Thank you Spirit Fest 2019.