how to build trust

How to build Trust in a Relationship

How to build trust in a relationship is crucial when you are seeking to create and nurture a world around you that is meaningful and rewarding.

I have just listened to a wonderful podcast on Oprah’s Super Soul channel, by Dr Brene Brown called the Anatomy of Trust

The reason I say wonderful is because it typifies the simplicity of how you build trust in relationships, commercial and personal.

Brene eloquently summarises a simple process for building and retaining trust and I believe this will help everyone seeking to do so within social media, in their marketing and of course, in the real world relationships that help support and develop is as human beings.

The process is simply called BRAVING and can be summarised as:

Boundaries – set realistic boundaries for the relationship in advance of interaction and use these consistently so that both sides know exactly where they are and what to expect and not expect. Boundaries are crucial to set both the context for the relationship but also to tune the expectations for both parties.

Reliability – always ensure that you deliver your side of the contract. Be timely, efficient and appropriate and make sure you can be relied upon. Reliability on your part will create a mirrored behaviour from the other party.

Accountability – be accountable for everything in the transactions, conversations and promises in the relationship. Accountability inspires faith that you are truly engaged in the relationship and not using it with ulterior motives.

Vault – maintain confidentiality, impartiality and objectivity in the relationship. If the other party knows it can rely on your to maintain discretion and confidentially, then you are on a sure fire route to a trustworthy relationship. In marketing we have data protection legislation to ensure that anything held by us is secure and safe and this ‘vault’ gives a feeling of confidence and security that’s at the heart of a trusting relationship.

Integrity – be loyal and consistency attuned to your higher purpose and values. Consistency in this regard is essential so that the other party can relax into the relationship, safe in the knowledge that it’s being formed and sustained for the right reasons.

Non-Judgement – allows the other party to truly express what they want, need and expect from your relationship. Removing judgement allows the other party to be open, comfortable and positive in their communications back to you. In social media for example, this is the best way to inspire advocacy, so keep it front of mind in the style and tone of voice in which you communicate.

Generosity – the phrase ‘do as you would be done by’ perfectly sums up why trusting relationships are based on what you give rather than what you focus on getting. Go the extra mile and your returns will be significantly greater than if you are seeking a return in the first place.

To learn more about how to build trust in a relationship, you can listen to the full podcast here