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Mindful Prioritisation

Mindful Prioritisation is a simple technique that you can use at work and in your personal life. It helps you to make considered and self-aware choices about things you have to do. In this short podcast, Neil explains how to do the technique and the benefits it can bring. More Neya Podcasts

Neya Supports Spirit Fest

Neya Supports Spirit Fest << Breaking News >> We are delighted to be supporting Spirit Fest UK – the amazing conscious music, dance and art festival – 15th to 18th August 2019. Spirit Fest Summer Gathering is a conscious festival for all ages with Sacred Music, Dance and Art from all traditions. The essence of […]

Personal Sabotage

Personal Sabotage is an emotive subject. Join Neil and Sonya Wilkins and learn how to avoid the most critical self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. Begin to manifest the personal relationships and work life you desire. In this practical and insightful webinar, Neil and Sonya will share techniques they have learned and practiced and help you understand […]

Join Us On 28th And 29th June

Join us on the 28th and 29th of June for a potentially life-changing experience! Learn how to optimise your life plan, in the fascinating, practical and life-changing workshop, The Art of Transformative Living. This workshop is suitable for you if you feel unsettled in your life, at a professional or personal crossroads, if you want […]

Morning Energy Routine

Enjoy a regular morning energy routine to ensure you are invigorated, balanced and energised for your day. Sonya takes us through a number of simple yet powerful exercises to help you to start your day in the very best way.

Dosha Explained

Sonya explains what dosha are and how they can contribute to self understanding and your every day life. There are three dosha and each tells a very different story about how you can interact with your day, for best results. Listen to Dosha Explained on the Neya Podcast

The Art of Transformative Living Introduction

Neil and Sonya introduce The Art of Transformative Living workshop programme. In this short podcast, Neil and Sonya explain why the programme is personally important to each of them and why they believe attendees will benefit so much.